Discovering the Marche on a bicycle

What MarcheBikeLife is

Marche Bike Life is a cycling holidays laboratory, specialised in creating and organising thematic cycling tours through art and culture, hills and old hamlets, made in Marche products, spirituality and meditation. Guided tours, free tours or custom tours taylored according to your needs and requirements. Cycling holidays, in Italy and in the Marches, for everyone: groups, families, companies and individuals.

By exploring the itineraries we designed for you, you will taste and enjoy the places, the flavours and colours of the Marches. The cycling tours will allow you to discover the art and the culture, the hills and the old hamlets, the spirituality and the meditation, the parks and the nature. Moved by our passion for cycling and a meticulous care for the sustainable tourism, Marche Bike Life is proud of being one of the main promoters of this new life style.

Guided tour

MarcheBikeLife tour guidato

Follow your passion

Our flagship. A guided cycling holiday in good company for everyone who wants to carefully get to know places, traditions, colours, flavours, and people belonging to one of the most interesting Italian regions. You just need to follow our expert guide and enjoy the tour.

Free tour

MarcheBikeLife tour libero

The pleasure of biking in freedom

Bike in autonomy, in group or alone, following your rhythms and discovering the itineraries we designed for you. We book your hotel, provide you the bicycles and all the equipment you need. We also offer you a technical and informative support.

Custom tour

MarcheBikeLife tour personalizzato

The cycling tour of your dreams

Marche Bike Life organises and design custom cycling tours for groups, couples, individuals, women, companies, and whoever wants to enjoy his/her free time biking and getting to know dream places, flavours and colours belonging to an amazing region.

Why choosing MarcheBikeLife


We believe in cycling, in using the bicycle as a trasportation mean, as a knowledge mean, as an art and culture mean, as a wellness and social aggregation mean. We are moved by the certainty that, by giving value to the roots of our land and using the bicycle as an ecological power, we will produce the fuel for our wellness.

Custom Care

Our ten-year experience in the cycling holidays world thaught us the total care to our customers’ wellness, the respect for their needs and for their way to live their holidays. We share with our customers places, paths and moments, in order to make every tour unforgettable.


One of our main goals is to offer a quality cycling holiday. Our ways to do that are our passion, our experience and an accurate customer care. Our customers have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the Marches, a land full of marvels.


Our staff is made of cycling experts with a ten-years experience. Through places, all kinds of itineraries, history, nature, the beauties of our territory, our customers have the possibility to taste all the good things that our generous region offers.

The Context

Art and Culture

Class cycling tours to discover art and culture. Ideal tours for art lovers who want to get to know the beauty of a region which is an open-air museum, a network of cities of art and old hamlets.

Hills and ancient villages

Sensorial cycling tour who leads you through the astonishing hills of the Marches, passing by the beautiful old hamlets and medieval castles of this ancient region.

Spirituality and Meditation

Cycling tour in the Marches to discover yourself, through breath-taking and urban natural contexts where monasteries and abbeys constitute a perfect environment for living your spirtuality and meditation.

Park and Nature

Cycling tour dominated by the dialogue between man and Mother Earth. A tour where the cyclist discovers a natural territory which is still intact, made of hills, parks, mountains and beaches. A perfect tour for the nature lovers.

Made in Marche

Cycling tour for people who love true and genuine flavours. A tour which goes through the pleasures of eating well, where the region Marche offers an incredible variety of products, good wines and typical recipes.


Mauro fumagalli

Ceo and Founder

Expert and conoisseur of international cycling holidays. By being a professional cyclist for more the 20 years, he has gained a noticeable experience in the field. He also joined many cycling holydays around the world, from Guadalajara (Mexico) to Guatemala City, from Lima (Perù) to Santiago (Chile), from the desert of Atacama to Cuba. In 2014, together with Monica Palloni, he decides to start a project which encloses a life philosophy based on three main words: Marche Bike Life. His aim is to transform a passion into a factory of cycling tours, specialised in designing and organising cycling trips and holidays.

Monica Palloni

Co-Fondatrice and Photography director

Photography expert. Very passionate about sailing and biking. Monica graduates in 1994 in Accademia delle Belle Arti. Today she is a successfull professional photographer specialised in artistic portraits, photo features, weddings and sport events. Expert about trips and sport, she has been involved in important sailing and biking events around the world. Today, together with Mauro Fumagalli, she the Marche Bike Life co-founder, a project born from their big passion for cycling. In Marche Bike Life she is also director of photography and responsible of all the creative side of the project. You can meet Monica during our tours, always ready to shoot amazing cycling photo features for our customers.

Silla Gambella


Milanese, classe 1982, giornalista. Scrive di professione e pedala per passione. Dopo alcuni anni all’interno delle redazioni di diversi quotidiani (Tuttosport) o mensili di ciclismo (Cycling Pro, La Bicicletta, Il Giornale delle GF), oggi svolge l’attività di comunicazione e scrittura professionale come freelance. Vive la bici come mezzo per spostarsi quotidianamente in città ma anche per viaggiare in lentezza pedalando su strade secondarie, immergendosi nella natura, nei luoghi e nelle culture dei posti attraversati. Tra le sue avventure, il giro dell’Europa in bicicletta (3724 km – 31 giorni – 13 nazioni) dal quale è nato anche un libro, “L’Europa in bici”. Crede fermamente nella mobilità sostenibile, in un mondo più ecologico e nella solidarietà tra gli uomini. Nel 2009, dopo il terremoto che ha colpito le zone dell’Aquila, ha trascorso un mese come volontario in una tendopoli abruzzese. Attraverso il progetto Jemo!, ha voluto rimettersi in gioco per questa causa.